Step by Step Repair Process

  1. There is damage to your vehicle and you want it fixed.
    • If your car is safe to drive contact the insurance company.
    • If you car is unsafe to drive and you need it towed you can call a tow truck or call us at 303-232-7852 and we can do it for you. Tell the tow truck driver you want it towed to our shop at 1612 Teller Street, Lakewood, Colorado 80214. Don’t worry about the bill we will pay for the tow bill when the vehicle arrives and collect the funds from the insurance company or you at the end of the repair process.

  2. Contact the insurance company. Whether you are a claimant, (some one else’s insurance company is going to pay for the repairs) or the insurer (your insurance company is going to pay for the repairs) it is advised that you contact them first. Now one of two things will happen.
    • They will advise you to get an estimate. In which case just call us and we will write one for you free of charge. If needed, we will even fax or e-mail the estimate to the insurance company so you don’t have to worry about how to get a copy to them.
    • They will have an adjuster make an appointment with you to write the initial estimate. In which case you can bring us a copy of that estimate and we will start with the insurance companies estimate.

  3. Set the repair appointment.
    • Once we have received and estimate or written the estimate we can then set an appointment for you to have your vehicle repaired. In most cases we will schedule you out a couple of days so we can order parts and have them delivered to our shop prior to your vehicles arrival. This helps us to be able to get you back in your car in a more timely manner. It is at this point we will tell you approximately how long we will need your vehicle in the shop.

  4. Repairs from start to finish.
    • As soon as your vehicle arrives we will check it in and start the repairs. Our highly qualified technicians will disassemble the vehicle and do a thorough check of the repair area and look for any hidden damage, check parts and write a supplement for any damaged not on the original estimate. Don’t worry this is common practice to insure that the work is completed in a professional manner. If this is an insurance claim don’t worry, the insurance company knows we are going to do this and in almost all cases will pay for the additional repairs.
    • After our technician has completed the repairs he will send your vehicle back to our paint department. Our painter will then double check the quality of the repairs, prep the car for paint, mix the paint color to match your vehicle, paint your vehicle and then place your vehicle on our oven to bake the paint on, insuring the highest quality of paint job possible.
    • After the paint work is completed your vehicle will them be sent back to the original technician that started the repairs. This is to insure continuity of the repairs to make sure that our high quality of satisfaction is met. The technician will then reassemble your vehicle and double check all repairs to make sure they meet industry standard. When complete your vehicle will be move into our detail department.
    • In the detail department our detailer will go back over the vehicle to make sure that the paint meets industry standards and will then clean the vehicle for delivery.

  5. Repairs are completed.
    • At this point our customer service representative will call you and let you know that you can come pick up your vehicle and settle the final bill.