Frequently Asked (and Answered) Questions

Will you work with my insurance company?
Yes, we work with all insurance companies whether you are the claimant or insured. In some cases your insurance company will want one of their adjusters to write the original estimate. That is okay, we simply input their estimate into our system and start from there.

What kind of repairs do you perform?
We repair all auto body damage whether it be caused from a collision, weather, vandalism, theft, door dings, or any other cause. We will fix it. Click Here for More Information

Will the paint on my car match when the repairs are finished?
Yes, in virtually all cases, the paint will match. If you have taken proper care by waxing and washing with normal frequency, there shouldn’t be a problem. Click Here for More Information on Our Paint Equipment

How long will the repairs take?
In most cases, the repairs can be completed in 5 days or less. However, on larger repairs, it will take a little longer, depending on the size and parts availability.

If the frame is bent, will my car ever be the same again?
Yes, we have the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology. No longer does a bent frame mean that a vehicle is ruined. With the Unibody style of car, the frame is designed to bend in order to heighten the safety of the vehicle during a collision. Click Here for More Information on Our Frame Repair Equipment

Who do I pay my insurance deductible to?
Your deductible is always paid to the repair shop at the completion of the repair.

Are you going to use "Aftermarket Parts" to repair my car?
No, we only use original factory replacement parts. However, in some cases your insurance policy mandates the use of some aftermarket parts.

Do you offer a written warranty and for how long?
Yes, we have a lifetime limited written warranty.

If you have any additional questions, please ask us at contact us at 303-232-7852 for an immediate answer to your questions. Click Here for More Contact Information