Body, Paint, Suspension & Frame Repair

Perry & Terry Auto Body provides all types of body repair - from scratches and dents to major repairs using our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained professional employees to provide top-quality repairs to our customers. As with any collision, we are just as concerned with your vehicle as you are. Perry & Terry Auto Body promises to efficiently inspect your vehicle and run a complete diagnosis to ensure that you and your family are safe to enter the roadways again.

I-CAR Gold Class Certified Paint

Perry and Terry Auto Body ia an I-CAR Gold Class Certified Paint shop

The Gold Class Professionals™ program was created in 1990 to recognize those businesses that are committed to quality and excellence through training. Earning the Gold Class Professionals designation is the highest recognition for training a business can earn in the collision industry.

As a Gold Class designated business, Perry & Terry Auto Body is dedicated to providing our customers with efficient, safe and high-quality repairs. We are confident we can properly repair our customers' collision damaged vehicles and understand the need to continually update our training and knowledge of the collision repair process. Our Akzo Nobel trained technicians and management staff have the skills needed to produce exceptional results. Perry & Terry Auto Body painters have the problem-solving skills needed to complete our work effectively and efficiently through Sikkens Technical Training courses that are taught in state-of-the-art facilities and give painters the problem-solving skills we need to apply the Sikkens finishes; the world's premium refinishing system. For more than 200 years, Sikkens has been turning out one high-gloss, durable finish after another. Since Sikkens brought the industry's first urethane technology to North America in 1983, we've offered the industry's most technologically advanced and innovative products that ensure a glossy, durable finish the first time, every time.

Paint Booths

Perry & Terry Auto Body uses custom-made spray booth for everything from a full-size truck to sub-compact cars. Our paint booth is a combination side load/down draft model custom made so we can bake in one side and paint in the other. Our booths ensure that we evenly spread 90% of our paint on your vehicle. This is a 35-40% more even spread than the traditional side draft booths found in vitually every other bodyshop across the city. Our computerized paint mixing system carefully decodes your vehicle's paint and duplicates an exact match to ensure a high quality finish on your final product.

Precision Bent Frame Repair

Perry and Terry Auto Body technicians to return your vehicles frame to factory specifications using state of the art equipment.

Our Magnarack allows for full vehicle rotation allowing our technicians to return your damaged car or truck to factory specifications. Our Shark measuring system uses Ultrasonic Sound-Waves to ensure that your vehicle's frame is accurately repaired.

Our state of the art Magnarack frame equipment allow us to bring your vehicle to it Pre-Accident condition. With 4 Full-Size/Unibody frame racks on site Perry & Terry Auto Body is proud to say that we can align your vehicle to it's OEM Specifications in a timely and efficient manner.

Perry & Terry Auto Body repairs bent frames using the best computerized electronic measuring system available utilizing the Shark Computerized Measuring System for accurate vehicle damage diagnosis by using ultrasound technology to acquire data, the Shark’s emitter probes, attached to system-specified points on the vehicle, send signals that are received by high frequency microphones located in the lightweight aluminum beam placed under the vehicle to ensure accurate data for our technicians to correct frame damage efficiently and accurately.

Top Quality Welding

Top Quality MIG Welding by Terry and Perry Auto Body Top Quality Spot Welding by Terry and Perry Auto Body

MIG Welders: The Gas Metal Arc Welding process (GMAW), commonly referred to as the Metal Inert Gas process (MIG welding), is an arc welding process which incorporates the automatic feeding of a continuous, consumable wire electrode that is shielded by an externally supplied gas. Process control and function are achieved through three basis elements of equipment: the gun and cable assembly, wire feed unit and MIG welder. Shielding gas for the MIG welding process is typically carbon dioxide, a mix of argon and carbon dioxide or an argon/oxygen mix.

Perry & Terry Auto Body uses only top quality welding equipment to produce top quality repairs that accurately reflect the original manaufacturing process, alignment, fit and finish. The MIG welding process produces high quality welds, has all position welding capability, and can be used on materials of various types and thicknesses as needed for top quality repairs performed in our shop. The i4 spot welding technology is revolutionary compared to others in the industry. It not only measures, monitors and automatically adjusts the weld current for accurate results. By measuring the current on the secondary side of the transformer it leaves no guess work whatsoever. It samples the weld 650 times per cycle or one million times per second allowing Perry & Terry Auto Body to use the same technology on your vehicle that is used in the space shuttle and in most satellites.