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Below are some of our Community Support recognitions.

Denver Public School Certificate of Appreciation
Thank You letter for "Exceptional training and mentorship of a Denver Public Schools student during the Office of Economic Developments 2010 Summer Internship Program."
National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation
Denver Parent Transition Training Committee.

Denver Public School Certificate of Appreciation
On behalf of Denver Publics Schools Student Services Dept.

Text Version:

September 17, 2010

Dear Valued Employer:

On behalf of Denver Public Schools Student Services Department, we would like to thank you for participating in the 2010 Office of Economic Developmentā€™s Summer Internship Program. Research shows work experiences completed during high school are the number one predictor for successful employment as an adult. The work experiences you provided to our students have had a tremendously positive affect on our students and will impact them well into the future.

Thank you for your valuable contribution to our program. We realize taking an intern requires extra time and effort on your part. We hope it was worth your while!

We look forward to working with you again in the near future!


Monica Schultz
ACE Career Paths Coordinator
Denver Public Schools